Top up your laser, IPL or Dysport Micro-injections treatments with customized facials designed to correct specific problems. Using prescription or medical-grade products, these facials complement our aesthetic treatments so that you can expect to see longer lasting results.


Pampering Lunchtime Facial 

Fantastic for a lunchtime fast fix or pre-date touch-up 
From $50  

Oxygenating Hydrafacial 

Refreshing oxygen blast with anti-oxidant serum 
From $60


Diamond Peel Facial

Microdermabrasion treatment - Perfect for skin smoothening! 
From $80


Deep Clean Detox Facial 

The ultimate purifying treatment combining deep vacuum cleansing and extraction
From $120

Super Clear Signature Facial 

Our signature treatment incorporating microdermabrasion, multi-vitamin treatment and oxygen therapy. 
From $150


Radiance Peel Facial

Deep facial cleansing + vacuum + extraction + glycolic peel to address the grime stuck in your facial pores 
From $267


Radiance Lift Facial

Microdermabrasion, Radiofrequency Lift® and multi-vitamin oxygen hydrafacial. 
From $267