Non-surgical Eyebag Removal


• Reduce Puffy Eye Bags and Dark Eye Circles

• No Surgery, No Downtime


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After the success enjoyed by dermal fillers which has revolutionized the world of facial aesthetics thanks to injections performed with a blunt-tip microcannula, Dr Pang's new procedure aims at giving you a naturally younger look by removing your eyebags without the need for surgery. With this latest non-invasive tehchnique, eye bags, wrinkles, droopy lids, sagging eyes and other beauty flaws responsible for aging your face can now be eliminated with a 30-minutes session delivering results normally only achievable through the combined action of a blepharoplasty and canthopexy. The results are incredible: the hollow underneath the eyes is softened, wrinkles are filled and your skin appears plumper and younger. All guaranteeing a low risk of post-treatment bruising or swelling thanks to the use of an innovative flexible microcannula especially designed to give precision during the injection of hyaluronic acid while minimising discomfort for the patient receiving it.