Profhilo® Anti-aging

What Is Profhilo?
Profhilo is a rejuvenating skin treatment made of both high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA). It is recommended for patients afflicted with early skin ageing – that is, skin dryness and loss of elasticity as shown in mild to moderate skin laxity.
Profhilo uses NAHYCO Hybrid Technology, a proprietary process of heat-treating high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) to form hybrid cooperative complexes.
These hybrid cooperative complexes improve skin quality by hydrating the skin, reducing skin laxity through the stimulation of collagen production by means of multi-level dynamic remodelling. They are also more resistant to enzymatic breakdown.
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Treatment Process for Profhilo
Topical numbing cream is applied on the skin for 20 minutes. Your doctor then uses a fine needle to administer tiny amounts of Profhilo under the skin. The treatment takes about 10 minutes to complete.
What Can You Expect After the Treatment? How Often Do You Need to do it?
An initial cycle of 2 treatment sessions, 1 month apart for Profhilo. In people with severe skin laxity, a third session may be needed to obtain more optimal results.
After the initial treatments, the company recommends that the treatment regime is repeated after 9 to 12 months. The longevity of the treatment will depend on several factors, such as the patient’s skin, genetics, lifestyle and environmental factors. Some doctors report that the skin quality improvements from Profhilo continue to show even after a year in some of their patients!
Are There Any Side Effects?
There will be visible bumps on the skin lasting a few hours to a day. Some temporary swelling, and bruising can also occur.
*results may vary between individuals
How To Get Started
It’s easy to get started on your Profhilo® journey. Your first step will be scheduling a one-to-one consultation with our Profhilo® physician, a trained medical professional who has more than 10 years experience in facial aesthetic procedures.
During Your First Visit
Your Profhilo® physician will take the time to discuss a holistic approach to your goals for enhancing your skin. Together, you’ll look at your whole face from different angles, then focus on the specific areas where you want to see an improvement in skin texture and hydration.
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